Hauki-Halli Sports Hall is a real masterpiece of woodwork and creative thinking. It boasts the world´s largest solid wall made of unedged board, comprising astonishing 250 m2, and it is the only multi-purpose hall built of unedged board in whole Scandinavia. Local builders built the hall in Haukivuori, and the wood used was all grown in Haukivuori as well.

Keskustie 47
51600 Haukivuori

Haukivuori Harbour

Haukivuori Harbour lies in close proximity of the main road 72. There are berthing places for visiting boats and yachts, a slipway, a caravan park, a summer kiosk, a beach, a playground for children, a beach volley –court and a carpet-washing place.

Village centre

Haukivuori village centre, the smallest village centre in Finland, is located on a cape offering a panoramic view of Lake Kyyvesi. It is significant both with regard of natural beauty as well as in culturohistorical sense.

Haukivuori Church

Haukivuori Church has always stood at the same place, close to Lake Kyyvesi. The first church was built in 1740, but was replaced by a new wooden one already some decades later. The bell tower was built next to this church in 1839 – 1839. The wooden church was destroyed in a fire in 1949, and the new, plastered tile church designed by Veikko Larkas was completed in 1951. The Lutheran churches in America supported the construction financially, which is also acknowledged on a board on the church wall. Veikko Vionoja painted the church altarpiece depicting resurrected Christ consoling John the Apostle on Patmos.

Haukivuori Church
Kirkkotie 291
51600 Haukivuori

Haukivuori Local History Museum

The museum is located in an old municipal granary. It has been open for public since 1962, and it is run by Haukivuori Homestead Association.

The artefacts are on display on two floors, including objects associated with different livelihoods such as farming, fishing, blacksmithing and carpentry.

Further information and opening hours

Haukivuori Local History Museum
Kirkkotie 325
51600 Haukivuori

Haukivuori Homestead Association
Jarkko Häkkinen
Tel. (+358) 045 327 0308

Lake Iso-Naakkima

Lake Iso-Naakkima is one of the eight meteorite craters found in Finland. A small, 150-meter-deep crater with 3 km in diameter was found on the lakeshore. The Iso-Naakkima crater is old and very deep, and has been filled by younger sediment stone.

Kapustasalmi Strait

Kapustasalmi lies on road Porsaskoskentie, and the view overlooking Lake Kyyvesi is wonderful. Before the construction of the Kapustasalmi Bridge, the strait was crossed by a cable ferry, the remains of which can still be seen at the western end of the strait, where there is also a parking area. A slipway is available as well.

Keronvuori Primeval Forest

Mountain Keronvuori and its western side grove are a protected area. Keronvuori stands out in the otherwise flat area, rising 30 meters above the level of Lake Kyyvesi. It also provides a wonderful setting for different outdoor recreational activities.

Keronvuori on map

Saksalanharju Ridge

East of the village centre stands Saksalanharju Ridge, offering a spectacular view on Lake Kyyvesi. It rises up to 65 meters above the lake and represents a unique, 478-hectare drumlin left behind by the Ice Age. Saksalanharju drumlin is an elongated moraine ridge formed during glacial motion. It is the largest one of its kind in Europe.

Map of the area and further information