Lake Kyyvesi

Lake Kyyvesi covers one fifth of the area of Haukivuori. The lake has always been of great importance to local people; both passenger ships and cargo vessels have benefited from it, and it used to serve as a means to bring timber to the sawmill.

Lake Kyyvesi is ca 26 km in length, its width varying from 1 to 9 km. Its total area is 133 km2. From the total 790 km of shoreline, 520 km belong to the area of Haukivuori.

The water level of the lake was declined by 1, 78 meters in 1969 – 1970, which can still be seen for example in the great number of outcrops, small islands and rocks. The shore is characterized by deciduous forests. Lake Kyyvesi and its surroundings offer a lush, versatile habitat for many rare, endangered species, such as White-backed Woodpeckers, Wood Grouses, Western Capercaillies, Golden Orioles and otters, to name but a few.

The largest open water of the lake called Hulkonselkä covers almost the whole of the lake´s eastern part. The largest island, Emäsalo, is nearly 200 hectares in size. Steep rock faces, outcroppings, shore stone fields and single standing stones are reminders of the Ice Age. The largest, several-meter-high stones, Kirkonkivi and Hulkonkivi, stand near the village centre. The legend has it that the devil threw the giant stones in rage at the church in order to destroy it, but missed and the stones flew over the church and landed in the water, thus standing in line close to each other.

There are over 400 islands in Lake Kyyvesi, and numerous long and narrow coves such as Pohjalahti, Nykälä and Taipale. Major part of the lake area belongs to the Finnish shore protection programme. There are also a few berthing places: Vavesaari, Emäsalonniemi, Iso-Repo and Tyltynniemi, as well as Keronvuori Primeval Forest berthing place.

Naarajoki Canoeing Route

Naarajoki canoeing route begins in Naarajärvi, Pieksämäki. The over 100-kilmetre-long route winds its way through several rivers and lakes, and ends at Lake Puula in Kangasniemi village centre.

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  • NB: Karjalainen landing place in Haukivuori is no more available
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Kangasjärvi Lean-to and Majavareitti Canoeing Route

The lean-to is located in Tuliniemi, on the shore of Lake Kangasjärvi, and can be reached by bike or on foot, or by car as well since there is a small parking place. You can make a campfire, and in the summer of 2020, an outhouse will be brought to the site. The lean-to serves as the starting point for Majavareitti Canoeing Route in Mikkeli. Majavareitti Route runs mainly in Virtasalmi, Pieksämäki, and can be reached along the River Rakkineenjoki. Further information on Majavareitti.

Keronvuori Primeval Forest Area

Mountain Keronvuori and its western side grove are a protected area. Keronvuori stands out in the otherwise flat area, rising 30 meters above Lake Kyyvesi. It is also a recreational area, and an outdoor cooking shelter with a dining set, an outhouse, a woodshed and information board are available on the area. The area is situated along the Häkkilä hiking trail and it is one of its lay-bys.

Keronvuori on map

Häkkilä Hiking Trails

Häkkilä hiking trails are 12 – 30 km in length. The trail circles around Häkkilä village through various forests and terrains, and splits into the longer northern trail and the shorter southern trail.

The southern trail runs along the beautiful shore area of Lake Kyyvesi, through Keronvuori primeval forest area, to finally end at Kapustasalmi. There are three sheltered lay-bys equipped with an outhouse along the trail. The trail is marked with blue signs, and additional yellow strings around trees and squares painted on trees. The total length is approximately 13 km.

The northern trail with the total length of 16 km runs through the former centre of Häkkilä, Häkkilänranta, to Vehkamäki. You can also choose to take a short detour to Ruunavuori vantage point. The trail is marked with yellow strings and squares on the trees as well as wooden signs, and is accessible even on a mountain bike.

The trails are well suited for families. You can choose the length of the trail, and leave your car at Häkkilä lodge, at Kapustasalmi strait or by Mountain Ohenvuori. Keronlahti outdoor cooking shelter is also accessible by car along Keronvuorentie road. Since one of the landing places of Naarajoki – Kyyvesi – Puula canoeing route is at Keronlahti, those using the waterway can also join the trail there.

Accommodation possibility at Häkkilän erämaja (Häkkilä lodge)

Contact: Veli Manninen, Tel. (+358) 044 2392346

An electrical map is available at On a smartphone, use “retkikartta mobile” to allow the map to find the route and locate you. Choose map layers on the upper right corner to find the hiking trails, and remember to locate yourself on the map in Haukivuori.

Haukivuori Cycling Trail

The cycling trail, with a total length of circa 90 km, starts in Kinnari in Mikkeli, runs through Haukivuori and ends at Lomatrio camping ground/service station in Naarajärvi, Pieksämäki. The rustic landscapes with all the lakes are at their best along the route.

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Cycling Trail around Häkkilä

Häkkilä cycling trail runs near Häkkilä hiking trail, starting at Porsaskoskentie road and main road 72 crossroads. The total length is circa 42 km.

An electrical map is available also at On a smartphone, use “retkikartta mobile” to allow the map to find the route and locate you. Choose map layers on the upper right corner to find the cycling trails, and remember to locate yourself on the map in Haukivuori.