The beautiful Lake Kyyvesi extending over the areas of Kangasniemi, Pieksämäki and Mikkeli is the perfect place for fishing and hiking while enjoying interesting landscapes. Lake Kyyvesi is a real paradise for all recreational fishermen hoping to catch for example pikeperch.

There are many boating routes on Lake Kyyvesi. The protected areas of Kyyvesi have no slipways, so the slipways at Haukivuori Harbour or Kapustasalmi Strait are recommended.


Kyyvesi Fishing Cooperative was founded in 2018 to form one cooperative to cover almost all of Lake Kyyvesi. Fishing permits are sold at Wanha Osula.

Wanha Osula
Keskustie 72
51600 Haukivuori
Tel. (+358) 015 412 097

Opening hours (Wintertime September-April)
Mo               9-17
Tu – Fr         9-17.30
Sa                 9 – 13

Opening hours ( Summertime May-August)
Mo              9-17
Tu – Fr        9-18
Sa                9 – 15

  • map of fishing permit areas and restrictions

Rapids fishing

Nykälänkosket Rapids and Koskentila Estate

Nykälänkosket Rapids and Koskentila Estate are a versatile sport fishing resort. Catch-sized brown trout are regularly stocked in the river area to support the existing fish stock.

Nykälänkosket Rapids belongs to the headwaters of Mäntyharju Watercourse, and after flowing through many well-known rapids and lakes  such as Lake Kyyvesi, Läsäkoski Rapids, Lake Puula, Kissakoski Rapids, Ripattikoski Rapids, and Puuskankoski Rapids as well as River Kymijoki, it empties finally into the Gulf of Finland,

Contact information:
Markku Suonio
Porsaskoskentie 2275
77220 Neuvola
Tel. (+358) 040 5385166